• Start with a table and build your life around it

    From tree to table, Orcas Workshop brings you unique high-quality furniture from locally salvaged trees.

  • Orcas Island Live Edge Wood Furniture

    Envision each handcrafted piece transporting the raw and natural beauty of Orcas Island into your home.

  • Unique Handcrafted Wood Furniture

    Our one-of-a-kind tables will be a focal point at your social and family gatherings.

Our Wood

Our sturdy, beautifully-constructed tables are all suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Most of our pieces are created from cedar; but you will also find douglas fir, maple, and madrone amongst our collection.
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Our Finishes

As cedar ages over the years, it will take on a silver-gray appearance. If you wish to add a finish, stain or seal to your purchase, let us know so that we can provide the look and feel you want.
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Our Process

At Orcas Workshop, each piece of furniture begins with a locally salvaged tree. We custom mill and kiln-dry each log for up to 2 years before it becomes a functional work of art. 
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Our shop in Eastsound

Our shop is located in the heart of Eastound on Orcas Island.  Visit our showroom and take a look at our beautiful handmade solid wood furniture. All original pieces made from salvaged trees.
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